The Habitus Collection offers a series of glass mosaic tiles & handmade mosaic decors that derive from the top tier of mosaic manufacturing made by SICIS from Italy.

Vetrite Glass Slabs

SICIS Vetrite Slabs

Vetrite by SICIS is a natural evolution from glass mosaics to large format glass coverings. Created by extensive research, the result is a new and unique glass tile collection. Vetrite Glass Slabs is revolutionized whereby SICIS fuses its fabrics & Colibri materials between two thin sheets of glass. The finished piece is very thin at 1/4″ (6mm) thick. Depending on the particular application, the material can also be supplied thicker by special order. Read more…


SICIS Structura Mosaic

Different thickness, transparencies, beaming lights, glass and mirrors. Sicis Structura collection offers a series of glass mosaic panels with shiny square tesserae. Structura enlightens the three-dimensionality of a mosaic that, in a game of shapes and thicknesses, recreates the effect of a dazzling waterfall, flowing on shiny walls in an original and unique way. Read more…

NeoColibri Mosaics

SICIS NeoColibri Mosaics

SICIS NeoColibri glass mosaics are tesserae in different formats: Cubes, Domes &  Barrels, available in 70 NeoColibri colors. It is not only a simple assembly of colored tesserae of different geometries. It is something more: transparent, lightweight, brilliant, iridescent and using precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver leafs. Exciting plays of light occur from the golds and metallics shimmering and reflecting, offset by the traditional transparent and iridescent glass. Read more…

Vetrite Glass Tile

Vetrite Glass Tile

Vetrite Glass Tile provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style. A decorative art, evocative and precious with custom design solutions by revealing unique textures and patterns and subtle color palettes. This product is both pure and strong and particularly versatile for all design styles.  Suitable for an infinite range of applications such as wall tile in kitchens and bathrooms including feature areas; fireplace walls, backsplashes, accents and lighting, providing unprecedented design solutions. Read more…


SICIS Diamonds

SICIS Diamonds go beyond the traditional shape of the standard tile chip taking inspiration from the diamond crystal form and brilliance. The rhombus-shaped tesserae opens new possibilities in creating complex geometrical patterns. The collection counts more than 60 colors including gold and silver iconic hues that give to the surfaces a big scenography impact both for modern and for classical spaces. All the materials have been studied for all the types of settings from interiors to exteriors, floors, walls and ceilings. The manufacturing is very detailed, made by expert artisans in Italy. This eclectic and original collection comes with diamond shaped tesserae that are enriched with gold, silver and copper leaves. Read more…


SICIS Clover Mosaics

SICIS Clover mosaics are the most peculiar of shapes featured in transparent, lightweight, brilliant and iridescent glass mosaic colors. A different way of thinking about surfaces of living and contemporary architecture. Read more…

NeoGlass Decor

SICIS NeoGlass Mosaics

NeoGlass Mosaic Decor by SICIS Italy is an assembly of marble, glass and precious metal tesserae of different geometries. With transparency, iridescence, and brilliance each mosaic offers a unique way to decorate any space. Because of the different shapes, the decorative possibilities seem endless. Suitable for installation to walls and floors including high traffic, wet areas and swimming pools. Read more…

NeoGlass Mosaics

SICIS NeoGlass Mosaics

SICIS NeoGlass Mosaics are not only a simple assembly of colored tesserae of different geometries. It is something more: transparent, lightweight, brilliant and iridescent. A different way of thinking about surfaces of living and contemporary architecture. There are many decorative possibilities obtainable, combining different shapes and the extensive range of colors available. NeoGlass can be backlit, changing perception and texture. An unexpected and spectacular variant. It is suitable for floor and wall applications including high traffic. The material is very durable for your bath, shower or swimming pool. Create a kitchen backsplash that pops with brilliance. The possibilities are endless! Read more…

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