Habitus is specalized in traditional Japanese plaster wall finish materials. Some examples are our Wara Juraku & Shirasu Kabe, collections. Our plaster team has applied residential and commercial projects around the United States. We are the most experienced in this field working in American standards & projects.

Wara Juraku Japanese Stucco

Wara Juraku Japanese Stucco

Habitus is specialized in the use and application of traditional Wara Juraku Japanese Stucco for for interior & exterior wall applications. Composed of time-honored materials; sand, straw and earth, this material has graced the wall surfaces of Japanese temples, castles and tea houses for centuries. In today’s modern architecture, we propose it for use in both residential and commercial projects. A unique wall finish material with natural properties and an ideal alternative to paint or wall paper. Read more…

Shirasu Kabe Plaster

Shirasu Kabe Japanese Plaster

Shirasu-Kabe is a multi-functional plaster for residential and commercial projects. It is a 100% eco-friendly material made from volcanic soil (Shirasu) in Japan with unique air purifying, humidity-conditioning, and deodorizing properties unattainable with any man made substance. It is an ideal green alternative to paint or wall paper because it promotes a healthy lifestyle in both traditional and modern architecture. This material is available in a range of earth-toned colors and the finish pattern is achieved using our original trowel tools for various application techniques. Coating thickness is available in both 2.5mm and 5mm. Supplied in pre-mixed bags, which require water. Read more…

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