Habitus has curated a collection of sophisticated and highly technical porcelain tiles. Most porcelain tile is only glazed on the surface, instead our porcelain tile series is full body, meaning the material has the same composition throughout. This superior feature provides a resistant finish, superior to natural stone and practically maintenance free. The beauty of materials of these are unlike others on the market.


Ortigia Tile

Ortigia collection is a porcelain floor and wall tile composed by 16 mixed patterns in 4 different colors. From a Dark Prussian Blue mixed with beige and grey, to a Light Blue with dusty blues, browns and greys. The Green version has touches of turquoise and warm finishes, and the carmine Red with its greens and browns recall a Mediterranean style. Ortigia is easily combined with different surfaces like woods, cements or any modern style tile or finish. Any environment with Ortigia will recall Italian tradition and warmth. Read more…


3D Wall Tile

3D Wall Tiles by Atlas Concorde, available in a 16″ x 32″ format, consists of a total of six different surface patterns, divided into Geometric Design and Sinuous Design. These combine elegance and aesthetics with the functional and practical benefits of a white body tile. The designs include Wave, a relief pattern that resembles crinkled waves; Dune, which is shaped like wind-blown sand; the sinuous ribbons of RibbonGrid, with a more abstract rectangular pattern, available in both white and a modern shade of rust; and the precious faceted geometries of Diamond. Read more…


Unica Brique Tile

Brique in its single format, 2.5”x 8” interprets the traditional size of a brick. The bold colors are a contemporary classic which denotes with style residential and commercial spaces. Single color fields or even mixed colors create unique compositions that will exalt the brightness and luminosity of this artisanal surface. 12 tones and one metallic gradient allow for infinite amount of solutions. Read more…


Unica Melody

Melody is a harmonious feeling that is created in the petite details of geometries, composed by a silky glaze, rendering this product exquisitely elegant. The traditional 8” x 8” format, in 7 delicate colors in a 3 pattern random mix, is thought for neat and pleasant decorative areas. The soft colors mixed to the glazed structure create a glamorous style. Read more…


Metal Look Porcelain Tile

Several of our series emulate rugged and industrial brilliance of metal or corten steel that is aged and enhanced by the passage of time. These finishes are achieved by the latest technology to create exceptional aesthetics. Read more…

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