14 Ora Italiana

14 Ora Italiana is a unique example in the porcelain stoneware industry. Made in Italy! Our program offers a special selection of porcelain tiles ready in stock for immediate delivery. The beauty of materials of these are unlike others on the market.

Ruggine investigates the aesthetic process of metal oxidation recalling urban and industrial landscapes. The colors are formed by different chromatic scales in order to get a versatile and non-repetitive laying. Ruggine can be mixed: the selection of the colors, and thus the blend, can be chosen at designer’s discretion to create a customized final result. We are offering Ruggine in plank tile size 3″ x 24″.

Ravv was born from the relation of materials with differently sized grains; micro and macro. It is a versatile design for the multiple possibilities it offers: the use of the micro texture reinvigorates the beauty of a classical surface creating a patchwork of great aesthetic impact that evokes an art deco atmosphere. Ravv is available in stock in three natural colors and in a 15″ x 30″ tile size.

S/Tones is a personal re-interpretation in a contemporary perspective of the stone. The series is kept in stock in two natural colors and in a 15″ x 30″ tile size. S/Tones is an integrated system color, size and finish.

I Pennelli pays homage to Giorgio Morandi, to his color palette and to the expressive materiality of his art. It is available in neutral colors realized in a 24″ x 24″ tile size.

Urban‘s small monochromatic elements of material worn and frayed by time in dense, layered colors that evoke the artisanal character of the hand’s movement. The Urban collection is made up of 2” x 6” rectangles. The Soft decisive hues that recall industrial and urban atmospheres. Available in stock in 3 colors.

Materials are in stock in the sizes and colors shown below.