Nanoforma Marfil Tile
Apavisa is a collection of sophisticated and highly technical porcelain tiles. Most porcelain is only glazed on the surface, instead Apavisa is full body, meaning the material has the same composition throughout. This superior feature provides a resistant finish, superior to natural stone and practically maintenance free. In the implementation of this technology, emphasis has been placed on the environment. The production of this collection uses every technique and measure to ensure that no pollutants are emitted. For all the elements used in the production, a system has been established to recycle waste to be reused in future production.

Cast Iron – emulates the rugged and industrial brilliance of metal that is aged and enhanced by the passage of time. With the patina of oxidized metal, the Cast Iron series transforms a space with an imposing aesthetic. Using the latest technology this series is created with exceptional aesthetics.

Metal – recreates the beauty of corten steel, although with improved technical and aesthetic features. For a contemporary look that can even be used even in wet areas such as baths and showers. Offered in Titanium & Copper patinas.

Forma – a modern cement aesthetic for a clean surface that will enhance spaces with sophistication. A finish that respects the originality of the referent material but gives the reflection of metal.

NanoEssence – presented in a range of classic marble from black through white and brown. This combination gives the feeling of true stone, as used among ages to show luxury and status.

NanoFantasy – inspired by contemporary design, this series features colors in relief patterns. This decorative finish is unique and with its design is meant to evoke the sensation of movement.

Our program offers a special selection of porcelain tiles available in stock for immediate delivery. The material is sold in full boxes, in the colors and sizes shown below. Shipping charges are calculated at the checkout prompt. 


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