Concrete Tile

Concrete Tile

Concrete Tiles are polished to a beautifully smooth and closed surface that exposes a small amount of the concrete’s fine aggregates. The most versatile finish as it suitable for floors or walls providing a sophisticated aesthetic. Concrete tiles are cast using a glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) matrix that allows the tile to be made larger, thinner, and lighter than conventional concrete.

Typically made at 1″ thick, our concrete tile can be cut as easily as natural stone tile. We supply it in generic large format tile sizes for efficiency. Suitable for residential or commercial applications, concrete tiles arrive sealed and finished. The denser surface produced by the GFRC fabrication process provides better surface absorption protection. Whether it be your kitchen floor, hotel lobby or your pool patio; concrete tiles are suitable for almost any application. Break the mold of typical flooring materials and achieve dynamic possibilities with concrete.


– Eco-friendly, using recycled materials from local sources.
– Large Format Tiles: 24″ x 24″ or 36″ x 36″ (custom also available)
– Low emitting material, contains no VOC.
– High durability, ideal in residential and commercial projects.
– Low maintenance, supplied polished & sealed (matte or gloss).
– Lightweight (9 lbs per SF).
– Easily cut just like natural stone.
– Slip Coefficient: 0.86 Dry / 0.70 Wet

A range of 15 colors is offered in the collection. Custom colors are available as well with applicable minimum quantities. With this versatility, we can work with you to develop a custom solution for your project. Concrete Tiles are available by special order, delivery time around 6 to 8 weeks approx. For a quotation, call us at 1-800-729-5120 or e-mail us at 


Concrete Tile Capuccino
Color: Cappuccino
Concrete Tile Carbon
Color: Carbon
Concrete Tile Caviar
Color: Caviar
Concrete Tile Champagne
Color: Champagne
Concrete Tile Cumulus
Color: Cumulus
Concrete Tiles Dulce
Color: Dulce
Concrete Tiles Flat Iron
Color: Flat Iron
Concrete Tiles Grammercy
Color: Grammercy
Concrete Tile Hudson
Color: Hudson
Concrete Tiles Nolita
Color: Nolita
Concrete Tiles Platinum
Color: Platinum
Concrete Tiles Sterling
Color: Sterling
Concrete Tiles Uptown
Color: Uptown
Concrete Tiles Wainscott
Color: Wainscott


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