Glimmer Mosaics

SICIS Glimmer Mosaics

Reflections of the future. A mother-of-pearl effect on a transparent base. This is the essential feature of Glimmer Glass Mosaic by SICIS, a collection of glass mosaics with iridescent surfaces and intangible crystal reflections. Laying out a mosaic surface with these characteristics creates something reminiscent of certain stretches of water, where the surface tension creates a play of rainbow-like colors, which change with the light and the direction of your glance.

Why not then, transfer this magical inconstancy of light and transparency onto the walls of buildings, so physical and material? With Glimmer, the concept of a surface is not as a two-dimensional ‘field’ to be decorated, but as a means of changing the perception of a structure and enhancing what it truly is: volume and space, light and shade, identity and expressive power. Yet again, the desire is to exceed the limits imposed by standard practice by moving into territories where the imperative is research and experimentation.

Applications. All types of interior wall and floor surfaces, including baths, kitchens and feature areas. Including wet areas, such as showers and pools. Not recommended for industrial floors and high traffic commercial pavings. Exterior wall facings: all types of wall facings.

Tile Size: 5/8″ x 5/8″ (Sheet Size: 11-5/8″ x 11-5/8″)
Available in stock for immediate delivery.

Download technical manual with installation instructions.


Available in stock for immediate delivery. Order by the sheet, no minimum quantity. 


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