WaterGlass Mosaics

SICIS WaterGlass Mosaics

Transparency is the watchword. On seeing them, the effect is like crystal-clear, bright, light water. The color is not the main thing. They can be red as a ruby, green as an emerald or yellow as a topaz: the principal quality is always transparency, and that feeling of precious stones running through your fingers. “They” are the multi-colored tesserae from the WaterGlass Collection by SICIS which, through infinite combinations and decorations, can create environments that are intersected by light and the fluid reflections which inspire the entire collection. A mosaic that can make entire structures water-like…WaterGlass is formed of lightweight glass ‘pixels’, cut with mathematical precision and mounted on a mesh following individual, custom-designed chromatic sequences. And all is linked with the company’s heritage of research and experimentation: state-of-the-art technology, top quality materials – and more – are behind WaterGlass.

The products. The glass and glass paste are centuries-old products made of natural mineral substances, melted at very high temperatures. Among the most precious of these materials are Selenium and Cadmium, the main characteristic of which is instability and volatility. On the other hand they also produce brilliant colours like red and yellow. Without perfect color shad continuity and regularity. The Selenium and Cadmium colours are the following: 2 Ale, 3 Amber, 5 Sundance, 7 Blush, 40 Crimson..Transparent glass tesserae. Semi-gloss surface finish. The collection is distinguished by the transparency of the material and by variegated discolouring inside the same lot.

Applications. Interior floors: all types allowed by the relevant resistance class. Not recommended for highly trafficked industrial and commercial floors. Interior and external wall facing: all types of wall facings. Showers, Baths, Kitchens, Pools, Steam Showers, Feature Applications.

Tile Size: 5/8″ x 5/8″ (Sheet Size: 11-5/8″ x 11-5/8″)
Available in stock for immediate delivery.
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Available in stock for immediate delivery. Order by the sheet, no minimum quantity. 


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