Habitus is recognized for innovative architectural finishes using sustainable materials. From cork flooring to plaster, we produce and supply materials for both floor and wall applications. We propose sustainable materials for unique uses!

Ivory Palm Tile

Cascarita Ivory Palm Tile

Ivory Palm Mosaic Tile. Made from Tagua, also known as “vegetable ivory” or “ivory nut” because it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. This material is harvested from palm trees. The nut is as strong as marble stone. Since the nut is globular, we carve into circular mosaic penny tiles. We supply the material in sheets like mosaic tile, to be installed with an adhesive and finished with grout. The aesthetic is very unique unique, the feel is warm & material is very durable. Read more…


Concrete Tiles

Concrete Tiles are polished to a beautifully smooth and closed surface that exposes a small amount of the concrete’s fine aggregates. The most versatile finish as it suitable for floors or walls providing a sophisticated aesthetic. Concrete tiles are cast using a glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) matrix that allows the tile to be made larger, thinner, and lighter than conventional concrete. Read more…

Cork Mosaic Tile

Habitus Cork Mosaic Tile

Cork Mosaic Tile is a forward thinking eco-friendly finish material. It is a renewable resource and is literally recycled from the wine stopper industry in Spain and Portugal. Cork chips are hand selected and fashioned on sheets for installation to walls and floors using thinset adhesive and tile grout. Unlike other cork tiles; Cork Mosaic Tile can be installed in wet areas such as a kitchen backsplash or bath floors. Read more…

Super Tuscan Cork Tile


Habitus introduces new and exclusive, Super Tuscan Cork Wall Tile. It is produced using remnants from the cork industry in Spain and Portugal. Irregular shards of virgin cork are shaped by hand and supplied on sheets for installation like ceramic tiles using thinset adhesive and tile grout. Renewable, recycled & handmade! We are so proud to offer this decorative material and for finding new innovative ways to use cork as a building material. Super Tuscan Cork Wall Tile with its mid-century modern style provides for a conversational piece when used as feature application. Read more…

Classic Cork Tile

Habitus Classic Cork Flooring

Direct from the largest concentration of cork harvests in Portugal; Classic Cork Tiles have been used in residential & commercial projects for many years in the USA. Available in 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″ tiles. They represent a cost effective, durable and natural finish for floors and walls. The tiles are supplied prefinished in a kit that includes the appropriate adhesive and top coat sealer (high grade water-based polyurethane finish). Each tile can be easily cut & shaped using a utility knife. Making Classic Cork Tiles easy to install, and ideal for a do-it-yourself project. Read more…

Cork Fabric

Cork Fabric

Habitus Cork Fabric features the world’s most unique styles and designs in cork fabric material available today. Made in Italy. Suitable for Wall Covering, Upholstery or Textiles. Featuring natural styles of cork, color stained versions and unique metallic gold or silver backed cork patterns. Handmade using a thin slice of cork mounted onto a 100% cotton fabric backing. Read more…

Wara Juraku Japanese Stucco

Wara Juraku Japanese Stucco

Habitus is specialized in the use and application of traditional Wara Juraku Japanese Stucco for for interior & exterior wall applications. Composed of time-honored materials; sand, straw and earth, this material has graced the wall surfaces of Japanese temples, castles and tea houses for centuries. In today’s modern architecture, we propose it for use in both residential and commercial projects. A unique wall finish material with natural properties and an ideal alternative to paint or wall paper. Read more…

Shirasu Kabe Plaster

Shirasu Kabe Japanese Plaster

Shirasu-Kabe is a multi-functional plaster for residential and commercial projects. It is a 100% eco-friendly material made from volcanic soil (Shirasu) in Japan with unique air purifying, humidity-conditioning, and deodorizing properties unattainable with any man made substance. It is an ideal green alternative to paint or wall paper because it promotes a healthy lifestyle in both traditional and modern architecture. This material is available in a range of earth-toned colors and the finish pattern is achieved using our original trowel tools for various application techniques. Coating thickness is available in both 2.5mm and 5mm. Supplied in pre-mixed bags, which require water. Read more…

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