3D Wall Tile

Ribbon Sand Matte 3D Tile

3D Wall Tiles by Atlas Concorde, available in a 16″ x 32″ format, consists of a total of six different surface patterns, divided into Geometric Design and Sinuous Design. These combine elegance and aesthetics with the functional and practical benefits of a white body tile. The designs include Wave, a relief pattern that resembles crinkled waves; Dune, which is shaped like wind-blown sand; the sinuous ribbons of Ribbon; Grid, with a more abstract rectangular pattern, available in both white and a modern shade of rust; and the precious faceted geometries of Diamond.

Little horizontal stripes plough across the wall surface: these hundreds of grooves might bring to mind the geological nature of basalts, the flowing geometry of sand modeled by the wind, or even the gently crinkled surface of a stream. This series produces a sensation which animates the two-dimensional static character of traditional tiles, projecting them into the third dimension.

Made in a white body plays upon the tactile and visual reactions which the bas-relief modelling of wall coverings is capable of generating in the onlooker. A neutral colour palette, dominated by white, helps to highlight 3D Wall Design’s ability to react by vibrating together with the light which hits its reliefs and hollows, thus generating effects which range to the soft opacity of the opaline treatments to the extreme shine of the glossy finishes. Indeed, the satin-finish treatment, with its soft, silky texture, features a very special, velvety enamel that brings out the pattern of the decorative motif. Alternatively, available for the Ultra Blade series is the bright and shiny Glossy finish, which instead enriches the surface embossing with gleaming reflections.

There are countless finish solutions to choose from. These range from the warm, natural nuance of Sand Matt, which brings out the softness of the reliefs of Ribbon and Dune in Sinuous Design, to the deep Night Matt tone, exclusively available for the Grid and Diamond patterns in the Geometric Design section.


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