Vetrite Glass Tile

SICIS Vetrite Glass Tile

Vetrite by SICIS is a natural evolution from glass mosaics to large format glass tile coverings. Created by extensive research, the result is a new and unique glass tile collection. Vetrite Glass Tile is revolutionized whereby SICIS fuses its fabrics & Colibri materials between two thin sheets of glass. The finished tile is very thin at 1/4″ (6mm) thick. Depending on the particular application, the material can also be supplied thicker.

Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style. A decorative art, evocative and precious with custom design solutions by revealing unique textures and patterns and subtle color palettes. This product is both pure and strong and particularly versatile for all design styles.  Suitable for an infinite range of applications such as wall tile in kitchens and bathrooms including furniture, counters, doors and lighting, providing unprecedented design solutions.

Vetrite is the first collection of large format glass tiles that are combined with fabric and polymeric film in order to create a composite product able to meet the most ambitious aesthetic, technical and environmental targets. Vetrite glass tiles are available in several sizes, and can be supplied thinly in 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick by special order depending on each particular application. Recommended Application: Bathroom & Shower Walls, Exterior Wall, Feature Walls, Interior Floors, Indoor Areas; Countertop, Kitchen Backsplash & Walls. Unique applications include doors, cabinet faces and lighting.

Tile Sizes: 4″ x 8″, 12″ x 12″, 8″ x 24″, 12″ x 24″, 24″ x 24″ & 12″ x 35″

Vetrite Glass Tiles are currently being stocked for immediate delivery in 8″ x 24″ x 1/4″ thick in 12 colors as shown below. Other colors and tile sizes are being supplied by special order. Please contact us at or 1-800-729-5120 for more details. 

Interested in Slabs? See the SICIS VETRITE SLAB COLLECTION

Vetrite Alluminium
Vetrite Alma
Vetrite Antique
Vetrite Antique Blue
Antique Blue
Vetrite Antique Green
Antique Green
Vetrite Antique Ocra
Antique Ocra
Vetrite Aquaforte Gold
Aquaforte Gold
Vetrite Astrakan Brown
Astrakan Brown
Vetrite Astrakan Corten Brown
Astrakan Corten Brown
Vetrite Astrakan Galactico Rusty
Astrakan Galactico Rusty
Vetrite Astrakan Giove Ecru
Astrakan Giove Ecru
Vetrite Astrakan Grey
Astrakan Grey
Vetrite Astrakan Pavone
Astrakan Pavone
Vetrite Astrakan Peltro Brown
Astrakan Peltro Brown
Vetrite Astrakan Tanso Black
Astrakan Tanso Black
Vetrite Astrakan Violet
Astrakan Violet
Vetrite Boheme Brown
Boheme Brown
Vetrite Boheme Grey
Boheme Grey
Vetrite Canapa Ardesia
Canapa Ardesia
Vetrite Canapa Fumo Sabbia
Canapa Fumo Sabbia
Vetrite Canapa Papiro Blue
Canapa Papiro Blue
Vetrite Canapa Sutra Glacial
Canapa Sutra Glacial
Vetrite Corteza Brown
Corteza Brown
Vetrite Corteza Glacial
Corteza Glacial
Vetrite Corteza Gold
Corteza Gold
Vetrite Diluvio Moka
Diluvio Moka
Vetrite Dragon Boheme Copper
Dragon Boheme Copper
Vetrite Dragon Boheme Grey
Dragon Boheme Grey
Vetrite Dragon Papiro Green
Dragon Papiro Green
Vetrite Dragon Corteza Cream
Dragon Corteza Cream
Vetrite Dragon Frayed Copper
Dragon Frayed Copper
Vetrite Dragon Jurassic Brown
Dragon Jurassic Brown
Vetrite Dragon Sparrago
Dragon Sparrago
Vetrite Dragon Papiro Red
Dragon Papiro Red
Vetrite Dragon Sulphur Lime
Dragon Sulphur Lime
Vetrite Dragon Urano Dore
Dragon Urano Dore
Vetrite Dust Gold
Dust Gold
Vetrite Efesto Bronze
Efesto Bronze
Vetrite Efesto Green
Efesto Green
Vetrite Electric Marble Fuxia
Electric Marble Fuxia
Vetrite Electric Marble Gold
Electric Marble Gold
Vetrite Electric Marble Silver
Electric Marble Silver
Vetrite Electric Marble Turchese
Electric Marble Turchese
Vetrite Elephant Cacao
Elephant Cacao
Vetrite Elephant Calima
Elephant Calima
Vetrite Elephant Charcoal
Elephant Charcoal
Vetrite Elephant Copper
Elephant Copper
Vetrite Elephant Gold
Elephant Gold
Vetrite Elephant Panna
Elephant Panna
Vetrite Elephant Tortora
Elephant Tortora
Vetrite Eris Grey
Eris Grey
Vetrite Feather Black
Feather Black
Feather Champagne
Feather Champagne
Vetrite Feather Cipria
Feather Cipria
Vetrite Feather Cromo
Feather Cromo
Vetrite Feather Glace
Feather Glace
Vetrite Feather Grey
Feather Grey
Vetrite Feather Oliva
Feather Oliva
Feather Saturno Tan
Saturno Tan
Vetrite Filo Silver
Filo Silver
Vetrite Fuliggine
Vetrite Fuliggine Gold
Fuliggine Gold
Vetrite Iguana Calima
Iguana Calima
Vetrite Iguana Tortora
Iguana Tortora
Vetrite Jurassic Brown
Jurassic Brown
Vetrite Lizard Ottone Brown
Lizard Ottone Brown
Vetrite Lizard Sulphur Glace
Lizard Sulphur Glace
Vetrite Mirror
Vetrite Neptune Petrolio
Neptune Petrolio
Vetrite Papiro Gold
Papiro Gold
Vetrite Papiro Rust
Papiro Rust
Vetrite Pergamino Glacial
Pergamino Glacial
Vetrite Pergamino Gold
Pergamino Gold
Vetrite Pergamino Grey
Pergamino Grey
Vetrite Petro Mud
Petro Mud
Vetrite Plutone Taupe
Plutone Taupe
Vetrite Resham Cipria
Resham Cipria
Vetrite Resham Glacial
Resham Glacial
Vetrite Rhino Orange
Rhino Orange
Vetrite Skin Fumo Mud
Skin Fumo Mud
Vetrite Skin Urano Caramel
Skin Urano Caramel
Vetrite Skin Urano Dore
Skin Urano Dore
Vetrite Suede Cream
Suede Cream
Vetrite Sulphur Lime
Sulphur Lime
Vetrite Sutra Calima
Sutra Calima
Vetrite Sulphur Tortora
Sulphur Tortora
Vetrite Sutra Chocolate
Sutra Chocolate
Vetrite Tanso Bronze
Tanso Bronze
Vetrite Tejus Mogano
Tejus Mogano
Vetrite Tela Brown
Tela Brown
Vetrite Tela Dark
Tela Dark
Vetrite Tela Grey
Tela Grey
Vetrite Tela White
Tela White
Vetrite Timber Glacial
Timber Glacial
Vetrite Veneziano Red
Veneziano Red
Vetrite Vis One
Vis One
Vetrite Vis Two
Vetrite Vis Two
Vetrite Zamak Bronze
Zamak Bronze
Vetrite Atlas Black Per Grey
Atlas Black Per Grey
Vetrite Atlas Seppia Per Gold
Atlas Seppia Per Gold
Vetrite Ricordo Black Ele Panna
Ricordo Black Ele Panna
Vetrite Ricordo Black Per Grey
Ricordo Black Per Grey
Vetrite Ricordo Blu Per Grey
Ricordo Blu Per Grey
Vetrite Ricordo White Ele Tortora
Ricordo White Ele Tortora


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