Cork Mosaic Tile

Cork Mosaic Tile is a forward thinking eco-friendly finish material. It is a renewable resource and is literally recycled from the wine stopper industry in Spain and Portugal. Cork chips are hand selected and fashioned on sheets for installation to walls and floors using thinset adhesive and tile grout. Unlike other cork tiles; Cork Mosaic Tile can be installed in wet areas such as a kitchen backsplash or bath floors.

Habitus introduced Cork Mosaic Tile to the North American market over 10 years ago and has since supplied it to countless successful residential and commercial projects. Features of Cork Mosaic Tile include slip resistance, insulation, anti-bacterial, sound & noise reduction, mold resistant, waterproof and 100% natural virgin cork (not granulated and no binders).

Available in two sizes; 1″ diameter penny & 1-3/8″ diameter large. The material is supplied in interlocking sheets that measure 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″. The sheets are face mounted for easy installation. Cork Mosaic Tile is supplied in the natural finish or pre-sealed, see the products details for additional information.

-100% Natural Virgin Cork. Sustainable Material.
-Eco-friendly & recycled from the wine cork industry.
-Warm to the touch, soft on your feet.
-Thermal insulation, acoustic sound absorption.
-Lightweight at 1/4″ Thick, use on all floors, walls or ceilings.
-Slip resistant, great for bath floors.
-Unique, a conversation piece such as a feature wall.
-Available in custom solid colors, or custom color mixes.
-Suitable for all residential and commercial projects, including high traffic.

Maintenance: no special procedures are required, easily cleaned using a damp cloth or mop with a small amount PH balanced detergent.



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