Iridium Mosaics

SICIS Iridium Glass Mosaics

SICIS Iridium Glass Mosaics are semi-opaque iridescent glass tiles. Modern manufacturing techniques are combined with a centuries-old art form to produce the most comprehensive selection of iridescent glass mosaics available today. 41 exquisite colors offer a one-of-a-kind look designed to elevate any residential or commercial project. Iridium Glass Mosaics are mesh mounted for easy and cost effective installation. The natural variations within each color of the glass tiles give these beautiful mosaics a character that can be appreciated only by viewing a larger selection of current lots.

The product. Glass and glass paste are centuries-old products made of natural mineral substances, melted at very high temperatures. Among the most precious of these minerals are Selenium and Cadmium, the main characteristics of which are instability and volatility. On the other hand, they also produce brilliant colors like red and yellow. Without perfect color shade continuity and regularity. Semi-transparent glass tesserae. Extra-gloss surface finish with iridescent effect. The collection is distinguished by variegated discoloring inside the same lot, of the same mosaic sheet. Selenium/Cadmium the Dahlia, the Marigold, the Tulip and the Crocus. The special Azalea 2 shade is obtained by melting 24 Kt gold in the glass mix.

Applications. Bath, Shower Walls & Floors. Kitchen Backsplash. Interior and external wall facings: all types of wall applications. Steam showers & swimming pools.

Samples? We know that having an actual sample of the material is important in the decision making process. Please note that these materials are available to order by individual sheet. Purchase one sheet and experience the material!

Tile Size: 5/8″ x 5/8″ (Sheet Size: 11-5/8″ x 11-5/8″)
Available in stock for immediate delivery.
Download technical manual with installation instructions.


Available in stock for immediate delivery. Order by the sheet, no minimum quantity. 


SICIS Mosaic Blends

Mixes of opaque, semi-opaque, translucent, iridescent and matte finish glass mosaics that provide depth and beauty.


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