SICIS Fibers White Thin

SICIS Fibers is very special mosaic collection whose tesserae come in different formats and materials, which range from a square to a thin, rectangular shape, for a very elegant geometric “waterfall” effect. Materials range from glass, mirrored glass, marble, platinum, gold tesserae etc.

Offered in both thick and thin styles. The thin option features 9 colors in a thickness of 1/8″ inch and 3/8″ inch wide, and the thick option has 19 colors at a thickness of 3/8″ inch high and 5/8″ inch wide.

The material is sold by the sheet which equals 1 square foot. This is because each sheet measures 11-1/4 inch by 12-3/4 inch. We recommend adding 10-15% to your quantity for waste resulting from cuts and shaping during installation to your space. If you need assistance calculating your quantity or space dimensions, please use the chat or call customer support.

SAMPLES? We know that having an actual sample of the material is important in the decision making process. Please note that these materials are available to order by individual sheet. Purchase one sheet and mock up the material, use different grout colors to see different combinations. It is a minimal investment to make prior to purchasing your final quantity.

Available by special order and dropped shipped from Italy by DHL. Please expect a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks approx. Our sales associates will confirm all details at time of order. 


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