Shirasu Kabe Plaster

Shirasu Kabe Plaster

Shirasu-Kabe is a multi-functional plaster for residential and commercial projects. It is a 100% eco-friendly material made from volcanic soil (Shirasu) in Japan with unique air purifying, humidity-conditioning, and deodorizing properties unattainable with any man made substance. It is an ideal green alternative to paint or wall paper because it promotes a healthy lifestyle in both traditional and modern architecture. This material is available in a range of earth-toned colors and the finish pattern is achieved using our original trowel tools for various application techniques. Coating thickness is available in both 2.5mm and 5mm. Supplied in pre-mixed bags, which require water.


-Proven to purify the air in the room where it is applied.
-It also controls humidity; extracting indoor humidity when levels are high and releasing the same when the air is dry.
-Keeping spaces comfortable meanwhile reducing energy consumption by requiring less use of air conditioning or heating.
-Applied by hand trowel tools that we provide.
-Subtle earth toned colors adapt to any interior aesthetic.
-Eco-friendly, 100% natural volcanic magma ceramic.
-Seamless wall finish, no expansion joints required.
-Non-toxic, with no flame spread which means suitable for commercial use.

Shirasu Kabe can be applied over cement boards, gypsum boards and over painted surfaces treated with a latex primer. Suitable for interior wall applications with the possibility to create custom textures such as striations using application tools. Ideal for use in residential and commercial projects; such as healthcare, spas and restaurants. Rated Class A Material under ASTM E84 Flame Spread & Toxicity.

Download a product brochure with more information.

Download mixing and application instructions.

Download Shirasu Kabe color cards.

Learn more about Shirasu Kabe.

Special order with 4 to 8 weeks for delivery. Please e-mail us to obtain a quotation for your project at info@habituscollection or calling customer service at 1-800-729-5120.


Shirasu Kabe (5 mm Thick)

Shirasu Kabe Color SN1
Color: SN1
Shirasu Kabe Color SN2
Color: SN2
Shirasu Kabe Color SN3
Color: SN3
Shirasu Kabe Color SN4
Color: SN4
Shirasu Kabe Color SN6
Color: SN6
Shirasu Kabe Color SN9
Color: SN9
Shirasu Kabe Color SN11
Color: SN11
Shirasu Kabe Color SN17
Color: SN17
Shirasu Kabe Color SN20
Color: SN20
Shirasu Kabe Color SN21
Color: SN21
Shirasu Kabe Color BC50
Color: BC50
Color: BC51
Shirasu Kabe Color BC52
Color: BC52
Shirasu Kabe Color BC53
Color: BC53
Shirasu Kabe Color BC54
Color: BC54
Shirasu Kabe Color BC55
Color: BC55
Shirasu Kabe Color BC56
Color: BC56
Shirasu Kabe Color BC57
Color: BC57
Shirasu Kabe Color BC58
Color: BC58
Shirasu Kabe Color BC59
Color: BC59

Shirasu Kabe Light (2.5 mm Thick)

Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB70
Color: LB70
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB72
Color: LB72
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB73
Color: LB73
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB74
Color: LB74
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB75
Color: LB75
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB76
Color: LB76
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB77
Color: LB77
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB79
Color: LB78
Shirasu Kabe Light Color LB79
Color: LB79


Shirasu Kabe Texture SN4 Kushi Biki
Texture: Kushi Biki
(shown in color SN4)
Shirasu Kabe Texture BC50 KOTE RANDOM
Texture: Kote Random
(shown in color BC50)
Shirasu Kabe Texture BC50 Bark
Texture: Bark
(shown in color BC50)
Shirasu Kabe Texture BC50 Wadachi Roller
Texture: Wadachi Roller
(shown in color BC50)
Shirasu Kabe Texture BC58 Brush
Texture: Brush
(shown in color BC58)
Shirasu Kabe Texture BC58 Arabake Biki
Texture: Arabake Biki
(shown in color BC58)
Shirasu Kabe Texture SN3 Kotenome
Texture: Kotenome
(shown in color SN3)
Shirasu Kabe Texture SN3 Soft Hairline
Texture: Soft Hairline
(shown in color SN3)
Shirasu Kabe Texture SN6 OOGI MOYOU
Texture: Oogi Moyou
(shown in color SN6)
Shirasu Kabe Texture SN20 Nadegiri
Texture: Nadegiri
(shown in color SN20)
Shirasu Kabe Texture BC57 Yamanami
Texture: Yamanami
(shown in color BC57)
Shirasu Kabe Texture SN21 Uzumaki
Texture: Uzumaki
(shown in color SN21)


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