Ivory Palm Mosaic

Habitus continues to pioneer in the development of sustainable materials, introducing a new & all natural tile finish material. Ivory Palm Mosaic Tile!

What? Made from Tagua, also known as “vegetable ivory” or “ivory nut” because it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. This material is harvested from palm trees. The nut is as strong as marble stone. Since the nut is globular, we carve into circular mosaic penny tiles. We supply the material in sheets like mosaic tile, to be installed with an adhesive and finished with grout. The aesthetic is very unique unique, the feel is warm & material is very durable.

Due to trade restrictions of elephant ivory because of terrible inhumane acts on wildlife. ivory palm is often used as a substitute. It is known by different names such as vegetable ivory, palm nut, corozo & tagua. When harvested and set to dry, it can be carved just like elephant ivory. Often used for artisan crafts & jewelry beads. Palm Ivory has even been used on bagpipes. Ivory palm comes from South America where it provides for an economic stimulus in lieu of cutting down trees in the Amazon rain forests for agriculture. It prevents elephants from being killed for their ivory in other parts of the world.

Ivory Palm is available in 1″ penny round mosaic tiles. Supplied on face mounted sheets measuring 12″ x 12″ nominal by 3/16″ thick. Suitable for all residential & commercial interior surfaces. Not recommended for wet areas such as showers or pools.

Available by special order only, delivery time 4 to 8 weeks. Please call for pricing information at 1-800-729-5120 or e-mail us at info@habituscollection.com.


Habitus Cascarita Mosaic

Color: Cascarita

Ivory Palm Mosaic Tile

Color: Ivory


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